Fixed IDE search keys don't work in TCMD 13.01.32

In TCMD 13.01.32 under Windows XP/32...
In the IDE...
Pressing Ctrl+F3 does not search for the work under the cursor
Pressing F3 does not find next
Pressing Shift+F3 does not find previous

The keys that bring up dialogs work, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+H, Ctrl+G.


Staff member
May 14, 2008
Not sure if you're posting a bug report or requesting new features.

None of those F3 keys are supported or documented in the Take Command IDE. If you want to request that they be added in the next version, click on the Feedback button and add your suggestion.
Wow, usually the help file is behind the code :)

Maybe I should write another one, but I wanted to see if the "Web help" online version of the help files had the same search key information, so I checked the boxes in "Configure Take Command..." and "Configure TCC...". When I try to get help from IDE (by pressing F1 or the help menu) and TCC (by pressing F1), I get "page not found" in my browser. I recently made Google Chrome my default browser, so I switched the default back to MS IE and don't have the problem. It also worked correctly from Take Command in Chrome.

I though I had all the combinations figured out, but before I spend another hour working out a matrix of what works and what doesn't. I'm gonna leave it at, "it needs some testing". I just found that Pressing Help / Help in IDE fails even with IE.

A successful call to IE from TCC was:
A failed call to Chrome from IDE was:
A failed call to IE from IDE was:

It's not going to ruin my day. Just wanted to let you know. I'm a recently returned long time (ago) user, from back in the early 4DOS days. I haven't needed to use it for the last several years, but I'm finding reasons to use it again. I'm glad your product has survived. You've really kept it up with the times.

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