TCMD 14.0 IDE Crash

Oct 17, 2008
Coral Springs, FL
While trying to debug a TCMD script, I consistently get an IDE crash as soon as I click on the Start icon. Please note I have added a few commands to the IDE Toolbar, the debugger works fine if there are no customizations to the Toolbar. Is this a bug or intended behavior? TCMD itself was also crashing when I added a few custom commands to its Toolbar, but now I got it to work. Could not find a way to fix the IDE, though.

Unfortunately I cannot attach the screenshots of the problem to this message, I am getting a Server Error message. I am enclosing the BTM script, the GPF file and the file listing of the directory I am using to the bottom of this message. I can send the JPEG of the crash by some other means, if necessary.

I am running Take Command 14.00.29 on 32-Bit Windows 7 Ultimate. The hardware is a Dell Precision 4600 with 4GB of RAM.


@Echo Off
For %File In (*.v2i) Do GoSub RenameFile
Set FileName=%@Name[%File%]
Set FileExt=%@Ext[%File%]
Set Serial=%@Right[3,%FileName%]
Iff "%@IsDigit[%Serial%]" == "1" Then
Set Len=%@Len[%FileName%]
Set Len=%@Eval[%Len%-3]
Set FileName=%@InStr[0,%Len%,%FileName%]
Set RightMostChar=%@Right[1,%FileName%]
Iff "%RightMostChar%" == "_" Then
Set Len=%@Len[%FileName%]
Set Len=%@Eval[%Len%-1]
Set FileName=%@InStr[0,%Len%,%FileName%]
Set FileDate=%@FileDate["%File%",c,4]
Set FileDate=%@Replace[-,.,%FileDate%]
Set FileTime=%@FileTime["%File%",c]
Set FileTime=%@Replace[:,.,%FileTime%]
Set NewFile=%FileName%_%FileDate%-%FileTime%.%FileExt%
Rename %File% %NewFile%

TCC 14.00.29
Module=C:\Program Files\Take Command\IDE.EXE
EAX=01AAF3B0 EBX=00000000 ECX=3B32336D EDX=01AAF3E0
ESI=035C6760 EDI=035C8E88 EBP=01AAF394 ESP=01AAF38C
CS=0000001B DS=00000023 ES=00000023 SS=00000023
1 : IDE.EXE 0001:0015e368
2 : IDE.EXE 0001:0015f979
3 : IDE.EXE 0001:0000d4bd

Directory of J:\Backup\Images\*
2012/07/23 10:58 <DIR> .
2012/07/23 10:58 <DIR> ..
2012/07/23 10:56 898 Rename.btm
2012/07/22 23:13 10,719 RFA.sv2i
2012/07/22 23:11 164,032,660 RFA_Dell Recovery001.v2i
2012/07/22 22:29 11,086,361,890 RFA_Drive C (RFA-Win7-32)001.v2i
May 20, 2008
Elkridge, MD, USA
TCC 14.00.29 Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
*WinXP Pro SP3 (32b).

IDE works!

Several points about your .BTM that simplify it without solving the reported problem:
1/ When you want to use the value of an environment variable, trailing percent sign (%) is useful only if the next character in the command is one that can be part of a variable name, e.g. underscore (_).
2/ To use the leftmost n characters of a variable's value, use %@left[n,%variable] - much simpler than %@instr[0,n,%variable]
3/ To drop the last n characters of a variable use %@left[-n,%variable] - considerably simpler than your method of finding the current length, subtracting n, and using that much of the left part of the variable.
4/ Using a DO loop is much easier for debugging than using FOR ... GOSUB. It is also faster (though in your case probably not significantly).
5/ The date/time retrieval could be combined with the character replacement thus:
set FileDate=%@replace[-,.,%@filedate["%file",c,4]]
set FileTime=%@replace[:,.,%@filetime["%file",c]]
Below is the revised version:
@Echo Off
Do File In *.v2i
  Set FileName=%@Name[%File]
  Set FileExt=%@Ext[%File]
  Set Serial=%@Right[3,%FileName]
  Iff %@IsDigit[%Serial] == 1 Then
    Set FileName=%@Left[-3,%FileName]
    if %@Right[1,%FileName] EQC _ Set FileName=%@Left[-1,%FileName]
    set FileDate=%@replace[-,.,%@filedate["%file",c,4]]
    set FileTime=%@replace[:,.,%@filetime["%file",c]]
    Set NewFile=%[FileName]_%FileDate-%FileTime.%FileExt
    Rename %File %NewFile
Oct 17, 2008
Coral Springs, FL
I wish I could attach the JPEG with the IDE screen showing the Toolbar customizations, but I keep getting Server error messages when I attempt to attach any files.

Anyway, the additions to the standard toolbar were: File | Close, File | Save As, Edit | Go To, Options | Display Line Numbers, Edit | Replace, Edit | Move Line Up / Down and Edit | Add to Watch.

Adding them (or some of them) to the standard toolbar caused the IDE to crash *every* time I clicked on the Start icon.

However, I found a reasonable workaround: I created a new toolbar named Custom and added all the commands I wanted to have in the customized standard toolbar and disabled it (the latter).

I am all set, but I thought it would be interesting to report what it seems to be a bug.


Staff member
May 14, 2008
While trying to debug a TCMD script, I consistently get an IDE crash as soon as I click on the Start icon. Please note I have added a few commands to the IDE Toolbar, the debugger works fine if there are no customizations to the Toolbar. Is this a bug or intended behavior? TCMD itself was also crashing when I added a few custom commands to its Toolbar, but now I got it to work. Could not find a way to fix the IDE, though.

Are you just adding things to the toolbar or are you also removing things? That crash is in Microsoft's code, when trying to retrieve the arguments in the batch parameters combo box.

Can you provide a reproducible failcase? (I.e., add one or more specific items to the stock toolbar and then recreate the crash?)
Oct 17, 2008
Coral Springs, FL
Hi Rex,

In my computer, adding any extra commands to the toolbar (appropriately named) "Toolbar" will cause the IDE crash. In Take Command itself, adding any icons to the toolbar named "Explorer" will cause the same type of crash.

BTW, the computer is a Dell Precision 4600 running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-Bits with 4GB of RAM installed.
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