An IDE anomaly

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
I have the alias
v:\> alias d
*dir /a /p /m /k /h
I give the internal command "IDE". If the alias watch window is not showing I switch to it. In any event, the 'a' (in "/a") appears as a black box (see attached PNGfile). If I move the insertion point to that line (anywhere), it appears as boldface 'a'. If I move the insertion point off that line it returns to appearing as a black rectangle.

Note also (in the image) how a literal 0x1B appears (in the @@Ctrl-F10 alias); that behavior is constant.
The same is true of newly-made aliases. In the image below, the "foo" alias was made just before starting IDE and the "fff" alias was made within IDE.

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