IDE: RTL with non-English resources-problem is back in Build 28

and also in IDE the F3/Shift-F3 and Ctrl-F3 doesn't work.
Well, as I wrote it in
v24 IDE/BDEBUGGER won't start
I cannot open any file in the IDE ....
The F3-Key in the IDE should select the next finding, but it will only move the caret right, Shift-F3 do nothing, Ctrl-F3 mark the next word.

By the way: The manual said, Ctrl-F9 for toggle a breakpoint, it should be F9.
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May 14, 2008
Try build 29 (already uploaded) and let me know if it solves your IDE file open issue.

I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to do with the xxx-F3 keys. A Ctrl-F3 should search for the next occurrence of the word at the current cursor. An F3 would then look for the following occurrence(s), and a Shift-F3 will look for the previous ones. That works here; if it's not working for you then please let me know the exact sequence of keys you're using. (Note that the xx-F3 key sequences have nothing to do with the Edit / Find function.)
Yes, the IDE file open issue is solved.
the xx-F3 key sequences have nothing to do with the Edit / Find function
is completely new for me :oops:
All other editors that I'm used 'til today doing it in the manner, that they remenber, what I'm put in after pressing Ctrl-F and repeat it after F3/Shift-F3 !
Thanks for this clarification.

PS: But I'm very shure, the Ctrl-F9 in the Help is still wrong referenced :cool:

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