WAD The number of files and dirs are multiplied when using multiple wildcards

Jan 29, 2012
Russia, Novosibirsk
Hello All!

TCC 17.00.70 Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601]

The number of files and dirs are multiplied when using multiple wildcards.
You can see this by running command:
dir *;*

Each file and dir is displayed twice. It is clear.

But there is also a not correct sorting for existing files "a*.*" in for /o:-d (a*;*) statement.

@echo off
*md !
*cd !
echo [1] FOR: output descending
for /o:-d /a:-d %i in ([12]*.*;[12]*) echo %i
echo [2] FOR: output ascending
for /o:d /a:-d %i in ([12]*.*;[12]*) echo %i
echo [3] DIR: output descending
dir /km /o:-d /a:-d [12]*.*;[12]*

А result that I got to watch in the screenshot.

/wnr, Alexander


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Jan 29, 2012
Russia, Novosibirsk
FOR /O:-D sorting worked in previous versions differently than it is now in version 17. :banghead:

Ok, I made changes to my script. Thank You. :smile:

p.s. I would like to correct the name of the theme.
There is bug in not multiple wildcards of the DIR command and sorting of the FOR command.
Or is it not a mistake but an improvement or a new look of the FOR command (or hidden new features).


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May 14, 2008
WAD - when you use the correct syntax. Note that "*" and "*.*" are identical on an NTFS (or any LFN) volume - they will only return (partially) different results if you're on a FAT16 volume.

If you change your batch file to:

@echo off
*md !
*cd !
echo [1] FOR: output descending
for /o:-d /a:-d %i in ([12]*) echo %i
echo [2] FOR: output ascending
for /o:d /a:-d %i in ([12]*) echo %i
echo [3] DIR: output descending
dir /km /o:-d /a:-d [12]*

you'll see that it returns the expected results:

[1] FOR: output descending
[2] FOR: output ascending
[3] DIR: output descending
 1/18/2015  9:24  0  2
 1/18/2015  9:24  0  1

Nothing changed in v17 with the handling of /O:xxx. (However, using /O:xxx with FOR can be highly problematic if FOR is doing anything to change the directory contents.)
Jan 29, 2012
Russia, Novosibirsk
Yeah, inadvertently I gave in my example de-duping file patterns. I'm sorry. This was due Friday.
My working version of wildcards in a script excludes duplicate files, viz. %[fn][!a-z]*.txt;%[fn].txt

@echo off %+ setlocal
ver %+ set td=!
if not isdir %td *md %td
echos> .\%[td]\a1.txt
echos> .\%[td]\a2.txt
echos> .\%[td]\b.txt

for k in (a b) gosub ABC %k

:ABC [fn]
echo [1] FOR: output descending
for /o:-d /a:-d %i in (.\%[td]\%[fn][!a-z]*.txt;%[fn].txt) (echo %i %+ LEAVEFOR)
echo [2] FOR: output ascending
for /o:d  /a:-d %i in (.\%[td]\%[fn][!a-z]*.txt;%[fn].txt) (echo %i %+ LEAVEFOR)
echo [3] DIR: output descending
dir /km /o:-d /a:-d .\%[td]\%[fn][!a-z]*.txt;%[fn].txt

I agree that this is precarious decision. But it worked several years.
I would like only to draw your attention to the different behavior of the FOR command in Take Command v17.
See attached file.

/wnr, Alexander


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