Tabs dialog?

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
The drop-down menu for directory shows all files. Should it?
And after pressing the "..." button for directory, I'm in a rather hopeless situation. I can't do anything with the Options dialog or with the TCMD window. I suppose this is because the "..." dialog is behind the TCMD window. My only recourse is to kill the TCMD process.
Might hitting the Esc key close that?
Well I can't see it so I don't know for sure. But <Esc> doesn't make anything any better. I'm not even sure the directory dialog is there. The OPTION (Properties) dialog is still functional ... I can change tabs, open the Command "..." dialog on the Tabs tab, many things (help button is dead). But I can't dismiss the OPTION dialog, and with the OPTION dialog open I can't do anything with TCMD.
Very odd. Does Alt+Tab let you select anything that you can't see on the screen?

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