Speeding up the history dialog

May 30, 2008

Is there some way to speed up the history dialog that is opened with PgUp/PgDn?

At the moment it's taking about 3-4 seconds for the unfiltered dialog to be usable after pressing PgUp, which is quite an annoying delay when you just want to quickly check the last commands.

I am using the maximum history size which gives these sizes:

C:\>history | wc
      19180      55890     501495

So only about 20K entries and 500KB in total size which should not be a problem for any computer these days.

Showing the history by using "history | view" or "history | list" takes less than a second, so seems it should be possible for the history dialog to be as fast or faster as well.

Currently using TCC 20, maybe this is faster in later versions?
May 30, 2008
I installed and measured how long it took to open the history dialog in TCC 27.

Could see no difference, still took 4 seconds for the dialog to be populated and possible to interact with.

The history code in general seems to be fast enough, it's just the dialog that is slow. Too bad, since it's my favorite way to interact with the history. Works well enough when you limit/filter the history before opening it, but the unfiltered case (20K history lines in the dialog) is painful.
May 30, 2008
The old-fashioned console popups are a lot faster. Try

OPTION //ConsolePopupWindows=Yes

Thanks for the suggestion, I did not know these were still around!

I see now that this option is documented, must have missed it before.

Yes, this dialog is much faster, there's no perceivable delay when opening it.
It misses a few features from the GUI dialog, but I hardly use those anyway so no big deal.

Only minor issue is that scrolling the console popups seems to be a bit slow. If you press and hold PgUp the dialog will continue scrolling for a long time after you release the key. But should not be a problem in actual use when you're not trying to see how the dialog works but just get stuff done.
May 30, 2008
That's odd. Here, scrolling stops instantly when I release Up, Dn, PgUp, or PgDn.

Maybe due to keyboard settings?

I have repeat delay set to shortest and repeat rate to fastest in the (old) Control Panel.
If I use the inverse settings the scrolling almost stops instantly.
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