Documentation Is COPY realy doesn't work for any HTTP and FTP?

Sep 29, 2014
Excuse me, I tried to find a relevant thread, but don't even know how to search on this.

In the help file for COPY, it says for the /J (restartable) parameter, that it will not work with HTTP and FTP files, but not sure, whether these files are the Source or the Target files or both. The reason I wonder, because it would be super useful for local target, and it has obvious difficulties for internet targets, if TCC does not make any other query to the remote host other than the main operation.

Slightly off topic:
Also, the help file for TAR, that is not available LE, denotes the /O: parameter as not valailable in LE, which seems to be a mistake. I'm not sure if this helps, and/or where should I post these kind of nuances, or whether JPSoft want to hear of such. (Probably someone already pointed out?)
/J won't work with any HTTP or FTP file, whether it's the source or the target. /J works by setting a flag in a Windows API, and there is no internal support in Windows for HTTP or FTP.

The help is correct; /O:xxx is not available in TCC/LE (except in DIR).
But TAR isn't available in TCC/LE anyways, so it is redundant. No?

That's true for several dozen other parameters (including two or three others in TAR). They're generated by macros in the help.

It won't be relevant in the next major version, as I'll be removing TCC/LE references from the internal commands help.

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