How to? Does the "Do" command effectively do a "SetLocal/EndLocal"???

May 24, 2010
Northlake, Il
While the subject line is the primary question, there are several secondary questions here also. So getting on the point, the following very-simple batch file:
@Echo Off
Set I=0
Dir /K /M Q* |    ^
Do Line in @CON (
  Set /A I+=1
  @Echo I: %I  Line: %Line
@Echo The Final Value of I: %I
Quit 0

Produces the following output:
I: 2  Line: 10/22/2011  18:47            326  QQQZZ.NotNowBTM
I: 3  Line:  2/17/2011  3:30          18,943  QRSTZZ.txt
I: 4  Line: 12/19/2011  1:20            324  Quad.btm
I: 5  Line: 12/21/2011  8:08          2,152  QWETX.btm
I: 6  Line: 12/20/2011  16:17          7,417  QWETX.txt
I: 7  Line: 12/21/2011  1:19          4,393  QWETX.V2011-12-21-01-19.btm
I: 8  Line: 12/21/2011  2:01          1,742  QWETX.V2011-12-21-02-01.btm
I: 9  Line: 12/12/2011  15:14          1,697  QWRTZZ.txt
I: 0  Line:
The Final Value of I: 0

So the first and (probably most important in terms of what I am trying to accomplish) question is: What happened to what should have been the first line output? Specifically, it should be:

12/11/2011 22:36 88,822 QMGZZ.txt

And the second and third (and probably equally important in terms of what I am trying to accomplish) questions are: "Why is the final value of "I" zero outside of the loop after the loop finishes?" And if the implication of what appears to be the case from the above is the only thing I can think of that it might be, is there any way to "export" the final value of "I" outside of the "Do" loop?

The fourth question is: "How and why does "I" start out with the value "2" in what would seem must be the first line of the output?

And the fifth question is: How come there is that line whose "count" is "0" (I honestly don't see any way that a zero can be output for the "line number", ever)?

I will note two things that might be called "independent results" produce the following:

"@Echo %@Files[Q*]" simply yields the number "9".

The listing resulting from the command: "Dir /K /M Q*" contains exactly 9 lines, what you would expect given the results of "%@Files[Q*]" function, above.

What am I not understanding?

- Dan

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