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Take Command does not launch GUI at all for me anymore.

I have been using Take Command v 9.0 as a happy user, when all of a sudden it just stopped launching. I have no idea why. I downloaded the latest Take Command 16.0 and it has the same problem. It launches the process, but no window comes out. I can run the TCC version no problem, just the GUI version doesn't work. Any hints as to what might be wrong?
The most likely cause is something in your TCMD.INI. Try starting TCMD.EXE with the /N option to disable TCMD.INI temporarily.

Another possibility is a third-party app (like an antivirus or screen manager) either blocking it or injecting a (buggy) dll into TCMD.EXE's address space. If you have something like that running try disabling it temporarily and see if TCMD.EXE launches successfully.
Well, I have not written an tcmd.ini file. After rebooting my machine, I am now able to launch tcmd.exe but it was really slow. It took nearly a minute just to show up. Once it is running, it now launches no problem. I tried disabling my anti-virus but it didn't seem to make a difference.

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