May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
Does Ctrl-F do anything in v25? The reason I ask is ...

I have a plugin keyhandler which uses Alt-F to open the console's "Find" dialog. It works fine is v24 and v25. If I change the key to Ctrl-F it works fine in v24 but not in v25. In v25, it opens the "Find" dialog immediately but also ...

1. causes the last history entry to be recalled to the command line, and
2. continually redraws that recalled history entry until Ctrl is released

What's up with that?
Never mind. I couldn't reproduce that crazy history stuff. Anyway, It won't work properly assigned to Ctrl-F unless I put in a delay to allow the release of Ctrl. If Ctrl is still down when my keyhandler sends keystrokes (Alt-Space,e,f) it can't work correctly. Maybe I'll look into digging through the system menu and sending WM_COMMAND to the appropriate item ID (I've read that that will work).

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