Ctrl-Alt-L (R, Left, Right).

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
I have these.
DelArgLeft=Ctrl-Alt-L Ctrl-Alt-Left
DelArgRight=Ctrl-Alt-R Ctrl-Alt-Right

They work OK on Win10/64. On Win7/32 any one of them (currently) produces this (see below). In another session, they'll produce different but equally mystifying garbage, or maybe crash conhost.exe. It's the same without plugins.
TCC: Syntax error "( v:\>+echo+foo+|+findstr+foo+foo+v:\>+type+buffertest.btm+set+oldbuffer%@consoleb[-1
tm+19+0+v:\>+echo+foo+|+findstr+foo+v:\> ) / 29=2"
TCC: (Sys) The system could not find the environment option that was entered.
 "%[( v:\>+echo+foo+|+findstr+foo+foo+v:\>+type+buffertest.btm+set+oldbuffer%@consoleb[-1]+set+newbuffer
ho+foo+|+findstr+foo+v:\> ) / 29=2]"
It's the same with no plugins, INI file, or TCSTART. More recently any of those keystrokes gives
TCC: (Sys) The handle is invalid.
on the first try and "the console window host has stopped working" on the second try.

... any ideas?
It seems to be in the parsing of "Ctrl-a".

Make an alias:
alias @@Ctrl-a `echo foo`
And then try ANY Ctrl-Alt-key (that windows won't eat).

When I do that, every Ctrl-Alt key combo (Ctrl-Alt-1, Ctrl-Alt-F4, Ctrl-Alt-b, ... the list is long) gives

Note: I had been playing with
alias @@Ctrl-a `echo %@avg[%@execstr[type clip: | tr "\r" " " | tr -d "\n"]=2]`

That explains the goofy quoted stuff in my original post (all the + signs when the clipboard didn't contain numerical data).
Similarly, if I
alias @@Ctrl-w `echo foo`
then any Ctrl-Win-key combination produces "foo".
Other places too (which you probably know by now).

Alias @@Alt-w ... gives you one that's triggered by any Alt-Win-key. Alias @@Ctrl-Alt-s gives you one that's triggered by any Alt-Win-Shift-key. There may be more.

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