Can I turn off the minimize to tray mechanism in TCC?

There is an option to minimize Take Command to the tray, but there isn't any option to do that in TCC. Somehow you've done that yourself.

There is a hotkey option in TCC to minimize to the tray, and you can do it with ACTIVATE and WINDOW, but there's nothing to do it automatically on a minimize.
Huh? This is from the help and it does send TCC to the tray.

TCC TrayHotKey INI directive
TrayHotKey = Z
The hotkey to toggle TCC to and from the system tray. The specified alphabetic key is combined with Ctrl + Shift, so the default hotkey is Ctrl-Shift-Z.

Can I turn it off completely (get rid of the global keyboard hook)? It doesn't work very well when there are more than one TCC running.
Vince: see my last paragraph for how I turned it off.

I think I'm encountering a variation of the same problem.

In Multi-Edit, I have Undo and Redo assigned to Ctrl-Z and Shift-Ctrl-Z. These work fine, as long as TCmd isn't running. Just recently (I'm not sure how long ago), Shift-Ctrl-Z stopped working in Multi-Edit. Now, when I press it, every other press results in a ghost TCmd icon flashing in my Windows system tray (see video, if it will attach), while at the same time a ghost copy of my TCmd window also flashes. The alternate keypresses show no symptoms. My TCmd window is unaffected by the keypresses.

The .INI file had TrayHotKey=/ in the [TakeCommand] section. I tried removing the slash, and also inserting TrayHotKey= in the [4NT] section. With those changes, the TCmd window now alternately minimizes to the Windows tray, and comes back, when I press Shift-Ctrl-Z. Well, at least it works as advertised; but it doesn't help me with Multi-Edit.

Here's what worked: I set TrayHotKey=¢. (That's an Alt-KP-155.) Since I don't know how to do a Shift-Ctrl-cent-sign from the keyboard, that effectively disables it. Any special character should do the trick.

That solution works for me in both TCmd and TCC. Turns it off, just as you (and I) wanted.

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