21b47 version[]

Apr 2, 2011
North Carolina, USA
C:\Users\Galloway\Desktop\MoveAll Project]echo %@quote[%@SHFolder[0]\MoveAll Project\LOGs\%@name[%_batchname].LOG]
"C:\Users\Galloway\Desktop\MoveAll Project\LOGs\.LOG"

[C:\Users\Galloway\Desktop\MoveAll Project]echo %@version[%@quote[%@SHFolder[0]\MoveAll Project\LOGs\%@name[%_batchname].LOG]]
C:\Users\Galloway\Desktop\MoveAll Project\LOGs\.LOG

The string being passed to @version is quoted - but the string returned from version is not. Seem to be an error.
The CHM says, in part, "
@VERSION[filename[,separator[,start[,force]]]] : Returns a serially "versioned" replacement for the file name. If the file doesn't exist, and force isn't set, @VERSION returns filename.

If filename is quoted, the returned filename will also be quoted (if necessary)."

No mention of if the file exists or not. Could the docs be changed then please?
Just seems that if I pass a quoted string to any @function - then it should return the string quoted - unless it's something like @unquote or similar...

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