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I found these in TCC.LOG.
[2015/05/25 15:25:11.566] ..\ntinit.cpp:159 wmain()  SEH Exception: 0x00690078 - ACCESS_VIOLATION
[2015/05/25 15:25:20.739] ..\ntinit.cpp:159 wmain()  SEH Exception: 0x00690078 - ACCESS_VIOLATION
[2015/05/25 15:25:25.263] ..\ntinit.cpp:159 wmain()  SEH Exception: 0x00690078 - ACCESS_VIOLATION

1. The byte-order-mark had been overwritten.
2. What do they mean?
3. Could the times be made local?

And (I've complained about this before) because of the missing BOM, if I try to TYPE this file, I get utter garbage.
g:\tc18> type tcc.log
[ c.log 먲⑿ 蠀  ẘͺ넨ͬ끠ͬ  먏⑿ 蠀  Ằͺ념ͬ넀ͬ  먄⑿ 蠀  Ỉͺ노ͬ넨ͬ  먁⑿ 蠀  Ỡͺ놠ͬ념ͬ  먞⑿ 蠀  Ỹͺ뇈ͬ노ͬ
  먛⑿ 蠀  ἐͺ뇰ͬ놠ͬ  먐⑿ 蠀  Ἠͺ눘ͬ뇈ͬ  멭⑿ 蠀  ὀͺ뉀ͬ뇰ͬ  멪⑿ 蠀  ὘ͺ뉨ͬ눘ͬ  멧⑿ 蠀  ὰͺ느ͬ뉀ͬ
  멼⑿ 蠀  ᾈͺ늸ͬ뉨ͬ  멹⑿ 蠀  ᾠͺ닠ͬ느ͬ  멶⑿ 蠀  Ᾰͺ⤀ͬ늸ͬ  쐸ܖ剱♂⸨ͭꃠͮ‡  C:\Users
\vefatica\AppData\LocalLow\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\DOMStore\HT706V3U\mediacdn.disqus[1].xml
 卮♂遨ͯꪸͬ♂଀卐♂ﵸͭ█͢ ऀ卒♂䱰ͭᄌ‼܀協♂䱰ͭᄌ‼  두ͬ두ͬ덬ͬ  Ʉ 옜‗卝ఋ  █͢Xp☻ Ʉ Ѽ ̰ ﵲԛ♥  ♦  ♀  ♀
Ex  籗㾝꼗䙡讌磩‭ " ☻◄  ► SeDebugPrivilegeg 昐 Ā  ﷱ其䷤挣䲴库텤媻琚㋁탮ⵛഺ￑  耎 Ȁ  랄黋ꑛ탤丰켛褓⅚䕏㎁�ኀ쬉乵►
2) They mean nothing to you; they're for JP Software analysis
Do they tell you anything? I think they might have come from my trying to start TCC in that folder with the screwy name but having tried quite a bit more, I couldn't get further log entries.

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