TCC 29: German special characters öäüÖÄÜß are not shown at all

Sep 5, 2014

TCC 29.00.15 x64 Windows 10 [Version 10.0.19045.2311]
TCC Build 15 Windows 10 Build 19045

Neither at the prompt at any e.g. <cmd>/? nor any other <cmd> output nor in a GUI app like option, German special chars öäüÖÄÜß are displayed. Instead a blank is shown.
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It's definitely *not* anything internal to TCC (or v29). All console window output is displayed by Windows, not TCC. (If you're running TCC in a TCMD tab window, that's going to be a bit different, but you haven't mentioned TCMD.)

We have a number of German beta testers who do not have this issue; hopefully one of them will jump in here.
Here same problem too, since v29. Windows 64 Pro Swiss German CH-DE ...

With v28 was never a problem!


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Any more information required from my side? Here it looks the same as Alpengreis' screenshots... Also the Option dialog.
I also have codepage 850. Entering öäü at the prompt and the resulting error works. See screenshot. Nevertheless, I have a strong suspicion that it is V29, since V28 is installed in parallel and works perfectly well.


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The blanks are already in the German DLL! A hex-edit of German.dll for example shows for the message: "Do you really want to exit Take Command" the word "Möchten" without the "ö" but with a blank.


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You use 29.00.14. I have 29.00.15. Maybe the German DLLs are different. Can you attach your 3 German DLLs (German.dll, GermanD.dll, GermanE.dll) here?

I'm now sure, that the V29 German.dll's are broken. See Attachment. The upper hex extract is from V29, the lower from V28.


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