News Take Command V20 beta build 9

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May 14, 2008
I've uploaded a new v20 beta to the web site:

This build has two fixes for (1) erratic regular expression evaluations, and (2) DEDUPE not deleting or symlinking filenames with embedded whitespace.

There are also some changes in the installer and the executables to avoid writing to HKLM (unless requested with the @REG... functions), for people who have office systems that have locked the registry writes.

The installer also is now per-user (with admin rights) to try to work around other issues with systems that have policies preventing all-user installs. Note that you won't be able to install the Everything Search service if you are blocked from installing services. (If you have an admin account you can try installing Everything as administrator (the second option on the installer's Everything Search dialog page).
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