Take Command v12 12.0.35 uploaded

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May 14, 2008
I've uploaded 12.0.35 to the web and ftp sites.

Build 35

DIR - Fixed a problem with /S on some systems.

Build 34
BDEBUGGER - the Environment window now displays the changed variables using the same font (but a different color) as the unchanged ones.

COPY - Added a workaround for a bug in the SSH library with /G and SFTP.

DIR (and PDIR) - /S directory searches are slightly faster.

ENDLOCAL (TCC/LE only) - fixed an erratic problem with ENDLOCAL.

OPTION - Fixed some minor formatting issues with the English text.

SENDMAIL - fixed a problem with /SSL as the first argument.

Help file updates.
Not open for further replies.

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