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Tab clone problem

It appears that TCMD will not clone a cloned tab.

I used both the tabs menu -> clone and a right click "clone tab" on a tab that was cloned from my initial TCC tab.

First clone a tab, then activated this cloned tab
Try creating another cloned tab from the cloned tab just created.

Using: TCC 19.00.24 x64 Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601]
Here's what I have observed.

You can clone a given tab as many times as you want.

Make a clone (tab 2) of tab 1 (OK). Make a clone (tab 3) of tab 2 (OK). Now, trying to clone tab 3 fails unceremoniously.
I just tried what Vince described, and I got at least as far as five clones with no problem.

But I have another question: how do I get TCMD to open a tab in a specified directory? I used to make TCSTART change to the directory in which I generally want to start, but then cloning a tab doesn't work (it opens in the directory that TCSTART switches it to).

Is there a system variable that tells one if the tab is being cloned? If so, I could add "if %_clone EQ 0 ..." before the CD command in TCSTART.

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