Get tab position and size

I meant the window below the tab. I don't want to write to the window. I want to pop up my editor over the window. That's the main feature of LIST that I use: it runs in the existing window rather than opening in a random location. The following btm file works reasonably well for a TCC console window, but not when run in a tab.

*on errormsg cancel
*unalias *
set pos=%@winpos[=%_pid]
set size=%@winsize[=%_pid]
set cols=%@max[10,%@eval[(%@word[1,%size] \ 7) - 6]]
set lines=%@max[10,%@eval[(%@word[0,%size] \ 11) - 6]]
"%@shfolder[42]\Eps13\bin\epsilon.exe" -p0 -ka73 -vx%@word[1,%pos] -vy%@word[0,%pos] -vc%cols -vl%lines %$

Or, maybe this suggestion will be in the next version:

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