Help! How to set parameters for script I'm debugging?!

May 9, 2013
I am new to the IDE debugger.

I launched it from TC 15.01, loaded a .btm I want to debug/edit, and then hit F5 (start debugging)...

Okay, great. I can single step, but where in the 9 hells is the option to set the arguments to this batch script?

Batch Parameters is a command, and a tab at the bottom. But typing *ANYTHING* into it just disappears on the next step/run of debugging.

So... I'm feeling slightly nuts... how do you set the arguments to be passed to the .btm script you're editing/debugging?!!!:bored:

(I have done about a dozen searches... someone even asked my exact question... but the answers all revolve around his other questions, and I cannot see an answer to this one)

...further experiences through the looking glass: I invoke:
ide myfile.btm arg1

and I get "path\arg1" was not found.

No kidding: it's not a filename....

Charles Dye

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May 20, 2008
Albuquerque, NM
Look on the toolbar, to the right of the binoculars icon; you'll see a text entry box. Type your parameters in there. Or, you can put them on the command line when you invoke the debugger:

bdebugger mybatch.btm one two three four five

(No, I don't think you can modify the arguments in the "Display/Modify Batch Parameters" tab, the name notwithstanding.)
May 9, 2013
Note to Rex: The proximity of the batch-args box to the Find icon makes 'em look related -- it's easy to miss the little divider. Perhaps Find could be moved to the left of Undo/Redo?
Absolutely. This is exactly what i thought that was - and it is normal for apps to put a type-box for quick-searches right there!
Apr 9, 2015
The parameters on the textfield, on the toolbar dont seem to stick between sessions -the dropdown is always blank- .. however the command line option works just fine.
BTW, the textfield side by side with a binoculars, makes me think is a search box, so this is not good, sorry but the setting should be better placed and easily identifiable.

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