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GPF in TCC 13.03.47 on batch files >= 2048 bytes

Charles Dye

Super Moderator
Staff member
The exact contents of the batch file don't matter; nothing is executed. Doesn't happen in TCC/LE build 47.


  • TCMD.gpf.txt
    452 bytes · Views: 258
  • testy.btm
    2 KB · Views: 262
I can't confirm the 2k threshold but I can confirm TCMD.GPF:

TCC 13.03.47
EAX=00000000 EBX=7C809AA9 ECX=01A3A5E8 EDX=7C91E514
ESI=7C810C2E EDI=7C80BB04 EBP=01A4B0A8 ESP=01A3AE68
CS=0000001B DS=00000023 ES=00000023 SS=00000023

1 : TakeCmd.dll 0001:00002000
2 : TakeCmd.dll 0001:00001c1d
3 : TakeCmd.dll 0001:00090951
4 : TakeCmd.dll 0001:00090156
5 : TakeCmd.dll 0001:0008fe0e
6 : ide.exe 0001:002827c8
I thank you, too! But: why did you upload to the FTP site unchanged versions of the help files again? Newer dates, same files - wasted downloads...

There's no reason for any TCMD user to download the help file from the FTP site. That's only there for people who *don't* have Take Command but want to browse the help. Existing TCMD users already have the help.
Sometimes there are other files of interest added to the FTP site, e.g., Plugin SDK, and it is faster (i.e., less effort on my part) to just use TCC to download "everything newer than last download" than to update everything manually. When files whose content has not changed have a newer timestamp, conforming to the Unix developers' misbegotten idea that making a copy of a book is a new book, I end up with wasted downloads.
Most of the time you'll be wasting your time downloading test builds, help files with one minor edit, and TCC/LE updates that aren't updates. (The TCC/LE users complain vociferously if I don't update the TCC/LE builds to the same as the Take Command builds, even though most of the time there aren't any changes in TCC/LE.) The SDK gets updated maybe twice a year, and only the PDF isn't going to be included in the latest Take Command build.

So you're going to be downloading 50Mb+ in order to get a tcmd.pdf that isn't perceptibly different from the last one, and which you're not going to print (or probably look at) anyway. Doesn't seem like a good use of your limited bandwidth!
I only download when a new build is announced, but I will do it more selectively in future. Indeed I don't need the HELP directory contents (unless you announce a new HELP file between builds).

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