gpf when trying to use tcc.exe on standalone install

Jun 3, 2008
Temecula, CA
I've got TCMD v 15.x (latest) installed on a USB stick. I've created a TCMD.ini file to contain the options I want, and saved it in the TCMD directory on the USB drive.

TCC.exe seems to work fine if I plug this stick into my XP SP3 machine. If I plug it into my Server 2003 (latest SP) computer, I get a GPF when I try to run TCC.exe. However, if I delete the TCMD.ini file that I had put in there, it then will work OK (but of course, without the preferred options). Another bit of information is that I can start up TCMD.exe with the TCMD.ini file present, and all is well. Failure only occurs if I run TCC.exe directly, and TCMD.ini is present.

I'm attaching the TCMD.ini, TCMD.gpf and TCstart.btm (not that I think this one is relevant, but what the hey?) to see if that helps to find the problem.


  • TCMD.gpf
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  • tcstart.btm
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