News Take Command / TCC / CMDebug / TCC-RT 27.0.20 uploaded

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May 14, 2008
I have uploaded v27 build 20 to the web site.

27.0.20 TCC - fixed a VS2019 compiler bug which broke some internet functions (@IPADDRESS etc.)

27.0.19 TCC - added workaround for two Windows 10 API bugs when wrapping lines
27.0.19 TCC - fixed third-party dll bug with PowerShell using v2 instead of v5
27.0.19 TCC - fixed an RTL bug when using NTFS descriptions
27.0.19 Help file updates

27.0.18 ENDLOCAL - fixed a bug when exporting variables

27.0.17 TCC - added workaround for Windows API bug when copying files from WSL
27.0.17 Help file updates

27.0.16 WEBFORM - Fix for third-party library bug
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