"Eject" usb stick


Jan 18, 2014

is there a way to "eject" (logically, not physically ;-) or "close" an USB stick from the command line?
Similar to SYNC from sysinternal (which requires administrator rights).

A script copies a lot of stuff to the USB stick and I want to be sure that the user can remove the stick without the requirement to click 'remove hardware' in the task bar.

There must be a simple solution to this, but I'm afraid I'm standing on my brains wires so early
in the morning :-)

Best regards,
See the EJECTMEDIA command.

Morning Charles,

I'm aware of EJECTMEDIA but the help states "(It is not intended for unmounting USB drives.)"

So there is no other thing that I can do minimize the risk if a user pulls the USB drive cable
because he sees that the $UPDATE.btm is ready?

Vince Fatica provided eject.exe and eject64.exe for this explicit purpose. I renamed it dismount.exe for my own use. BTW, the 32b version works fine im Win7-64. You may need to search to locate the thread where Vince answered my request, most likely in last November, with downloading instructions.