Bug? TCC 16.03.55 Console Palette

Aug 27, 2008
Running TCC 16.03.55 on Windows 8.1. Under Configure TTC Options, on the Windows tab, if I click on Console Palette, I cannot click on OK to commit the changes. The child window is losing focus and it looks like focus is being captured by the TCC application's parent window. Same thing happens if I click on the Popup Font button, as well. Is this a known problem, or is there something wrong with my new (clean) installation?

By the way, in a possibly related note......on that same Windows tab, if I change any of the Background Colors to anything but "Default", the changes are not preserved. If I save and then re-launch, they are back to "Default". Are these known problems?

Aug 27, 2008
By the way, I forgot to mention that I am running 16.03.55 (the x64 version) on Windows 8.1 x64.

Hope this helps.
Aug 27, 2008
I've concluded that this definitely appears to be a bug. I've reproduced it on Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7.
Can someone try the following steps to confirm. (Rex, is this a known issue?)

1. Install a fresh version of 16.03.55 (x64).
2. Under Configure TTC Options, on the Windows tab, Click on Console Palette.
3. Change a color and then try to click on "OK".
4. Do you see that the dialog loses focus and you cannot commit the changes?

Please help me if you think I'm doing something wrong. I noticed that a lot of people have viewed this post. Thanks for any help.

Dec 2, 2008
This is true of the "Popup Font" dialog off of the the "Windows" tab as well.

I'm using TC 16.03.55 (x64) on Windows 7 Pro (x64)
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