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Documentation Aliases Overview

In the v 20 Help, under Tutorials -> Aliases Overview

The line

alias /r "%@path[%_cmdspec]aliases.txt"

has a mailto link, which opens my mail program, wanting to send an email to

%@path[%_cmdspec]aliases.txt <%@path[%_cmdspec]aliases.txt>

I get the same result here, and I notice that the other links in this topic open JP Software's web-based help pages for the topics — not the local help-file's pages for the topics.

When I'm on the web site and click the link in this line (same "Aliases Overview" topic):

... that also launches my laptop's default email program and creates a new message addressed to "%@path[%_cmdspec]aliases.txt".
And the "DejaVu" link in Tutorials\Console Fonts also takes me to the web help. And the console properties dialog image on that page is broken (X).

... and several other links in Tutorials take me to the web.

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