Windows Title of Drive & Directory?

Jun 7, 2008

Using TCC 11.00.44

Is it possible to get TCC to reflect the current drive and directory in the Window Title? Currently it is "TCC 11.0" and something more dynamic would not go amiss.

Any other helpful similar suggestions appreciated


Stephen Howe
See the "TITLEPROMPT" variable. You can put just about anything in there: text,
functions, variables. For the current drive and directory use "%_cwds".

I should qualify the use of variables and functions in TITLEPROMPT.

If you set TITLEPROMPT from a TCC session then you should surround it with back
quotes to prevent immediate expansion: set TITLEPROMPT=`%_cwds`. If you set
TITLEPROMPT in the windows environment then you will not need the back quotes.

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