Who's monkeying with the clipboard?

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
I must have copied from a console and pasted into a post thousands of times. As of the last few days, I'm having a problem. By example ...

I copy "By example" via select-right-click-copy, and paste it here via right-click-paste. Here it is:

By example

Now I copy the text "NonCritical" from a TCC console via select-right-click ... come back here and right-click-paste. Here it is:

By example

I then go to the "Tags:" box in the forum's post editor and right-click-paste. I get


Come back here to the post editor and paste into this post and I get

By example

What's going on? Does the post editor have its own clipboard? This is very annoying.
No, no further explanation, sorry. I just had the same problem, out of the blue.
Went into about:config, typed "clip" in the search-bar and flipped the most likely setting (mentioned above).
Problem solved. That was al the time I spent on it.

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