Virtual disk detection, minor enhancement requests

May 20, 2008
Elkridge, MD, USA
I recently downloaded and installed Qsoft's RAMDISK software (based on MS
published method). Both @DRIVETYPE and @DRIVETYPEEX report it as a fixed
disk (value 3). Can this be fixed? My current work-around is based on drive
label, not portable to other users' systems.

Minor enhancement for @DRIVETYPE or @DRIVETYPEEX: add new return code for
drive letter assigned via SUBST command.

Minor enhancement for all variable functions attempting to access drive
which is not ready: return an exception code instead of command processor
error. Some do this already, e.g., @DRIVETYPE/EX.

New function @FSTYPEEX - same as @FSTYPE, except for NTFS it reports NTFS xx
(two words), where xx is the NTFS version.

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