Very slow startup in VM - 10 second delay

Nov 29, 2012
I have a weird problem with TCMD/TCC 28 running in a HyperV VM under Windows 10. On my main PC the apps open pretty much instantly.

When I start TCC there's around a ten second delay between the window opening and the version info being displayed.
Starting TCMD results in a ten second delay before the main window opens then another ten second delay before the TCC prompt window displays the version info.

Is this a known problem?

-- Mike
Not a known or reproducible problem. I have several HyperV VM's running (Windows 11) on my development system.

Most of the time when people have reported this type of delay it's been a problem with the network redirector & missing or not accessible drives.
I have seen a similar problem when using certain anti-virus products. I'm using Eset these days, no problems of that kind.

And no, that wasn't in a VM.
I have seen such issues using the same tcstart.btm on different computers; features accessing disks (%@ready, ISDIR) can stall (with a timeout) if the disk is not accessible on the computer. The same could occur with a VM.

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