Documentation v15 help: Minor niggles

Feb 26, 2013
There are some instances in the help where new functionalitly introduced in v14 and v15 is not marked as "Not in LE". The ones I've spotted are:

and in the comparision table on

TCC > Comparing TCC, TCC/LE, and CMD

the TPIPE command does not appear

As a general thought for future updates to the help (v16?) I wonder if the time has come to drop the TCC and TCC/LE differences from the help and make the help file TCC only. The overhead of keeping the "Not in LE" references up to date would then be removed, making Rex's life easier, and users of LE could be pointed to the help file included with the product when they download it. That could all be covered with one page in the main TCC help explaining that there is a free, unsupported, feature limited LE version available, and that page shouldn't need updating with each release of TCC.


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