How to? tpipe

Aug 9, 2009
Has this been fixed in 27.01.22 ?
wilddummy.txt has 30 lines
tpipe /input=c:\wilddummy.txt /split=2,0,0,0,0,10

one would expect wilddummy.txt.001 .002 .003 etc...
before my trial expired 27.0.20 spat out 2.000 2.001 2.003 without input filename
I can't download new versions because its not shown on download page
Looks like the file changed but the label didn't.

Thanks Vince. And No split doesn't work as expected. I really didn't want to install it on my wifes machine
as it now has a 30 day trial period hopefully tpipe fixes this soon
I tried TPIPE's split for the first time. It doesn't seem to work. I, too, am getting files named 2.000, 2.001, ...

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