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Aug 9, 2009
different PC Has something changed with tpipe

: tcc v24, v25 works as expected, fails under v26 v27

set >c:\env_def_read
unset /q *

: # Case Specific environments

set def_env=ComSpec SystemRoot path Temp TMP

do r=0 to %@dec[%@words[%def_env]]
tpipe /input=c:\env_def_read /output=c:\def_env.txt /outputappend=1 /grep=6,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,%@word[%r,,%def_env]

unset /q r def_env
set /r def_env.txt

del /q def_env.txt env_def_read
In v26 and v27, TPIPE apparently needs some environment variable. This one makes the output file in v24 & v25 and fails to do so in v26 & v27. It's OK in all four versions if I get rid of "unset /q *".

echo foobar > foobar.txt
unset /q *
del /q /e foobar.2.txt
tpipe /input=foobar.txt /output=v:\foobar.2.txt /simple=5
I use unset /q * for a clean environment and yes it does work as expected if some specific environments are present. Those specific environments i suspect are; path and comspec although not tested.
Thanks for your reply
tpipe /input=yadaya /split=2,0,0,0,0,10 also fails while running in a batch file for some reason.
tried the thread option with no success
If APPDATA and LOCALAPPDATA are unset, TPIPE fails. That makes sense. TPIPE does some logging in both those places. And if I recall correctly, that started with TCC v26.

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