TEE cannot handle Unicode output

About 3 weeks ago (Build 35 I think) it still worked, but in
Surprisingly, HEAD and TAIL are also completely different
work. HEAD obviously has no problems, but TAIL and TEE do.

And the output via TEE produces very zero bytes !

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The extra 0-byte in TEE was covered in another thread (new STL bug) and was already fixed for 26.01.40.

I fixed a problem with TEE not always recognizing UTF16 input; that is also in 26.01.40.

Note that your "tee con: >& nul" syntax won't do what you're hoping - if you want to have TEE dump output without also writing to a file, use "tee nul:". Redirecting CON results in TEE recognizing STDOUT has been redirected, and it will try to write a BOM.
Aha, good point. Thanks for that explanation.
And yes, now it works in Build 40 :smile:

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