TCMD's current directory?

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
Is there a built-in way for TCC to get/set the CWD of it's host TCMD?
In another thread, JimBrandley had problems because the debugger, when started from the TCMD menu, wasn't starting where he wanted/expected. I suppose that might always be the case.
I wrote a plugin to get/set a host TCMD's CWD, but it's rather overkill (injecting data and code and running a remote thread).
Perhaps a future TCC might include this capability, or at least it might be built into TakeCommandIPC (to make it a little easier for a plugin to do it).

Good idea ... bad idea?
TCMD's CWD doesn't change with _TCFOLDER (i.e., as you navigate the lists). Below, v:\ is TCMD's startup folder. With my plugin (TCCD) it's seen to be TCMD's CWD. After navigating in the view windows, v:\ remains TCMD's CWD.
v:\> tccd

v:\> rem navigate in the list/folder views

v:\> echo %_tcfolder

v:\> tccd

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