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I have TCMD's Comspec (options) set to g:\tc15\tcc.exe. But TCMD does not set it's environment variable COMSPEC to match that. My COMSPEC is the default (CMD.EXE). So if I specify a button command to be "%COMSPEC ..." I get a CMD tab. TCC sets its own COMSPEC to itself. It would only seem natural that TCMD set its COMSPEC environment variable to match its option-specified COMSPEC.
WAD - TCMD's COMSPEC only affects starting new default tabs. (It wouldn't be very useful to have TCMD start a CMD tab with COMSPEC set to TCC.EXE!)
I think you missed my point. If I use %COMSPEC in a button command, I get CMD. Why not set TCMD's COMSPEC environment variable to match its option-configured COMSPEC? (TCC doesn't use the COMSPEC environment inherited from the system.)
Because everything started from a button command inherits TCMD's environment. And you would only want COMSPEC set to TCC if that was (1) your system default, or (2) you never, ever, started anything other than TCC in a tab window.
OK. I see. But (from another thread) how can I make a button to start a BTM in a new tab? Is the only way ...
drive:\whole\darn\path\to\tcc.exe file.btm
It seems that neither my Windows association nor TCMD's option-specified COMSPEC help to avoid having to specify the complete path to TCC.EXE.

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