TCMD not hiding the console

Normally TCMD is hiding the consoles, one only sees TCMD's tabs.
With very text intensive tasks, TCMD can loose some control; the consoles show and even pop up regularly. (My case is a task for compiling: PERL spawning MAKE (actually ClearCase's clearmake), which spawns TCC, which spawns PERL, which for each source file spawns TCC, which finally spawns the compiler. The problem is likely related to the fact that so many shells open and close in the console.)

I have several workarounds:
- changing COMSPEC to point to CMD (before I run the task),
- running in TCC alone or detaching the console (before I run the task),
- detaching all consoles, running a new TCMD and reattaching the consoles (after the task, if the consoles did show up).
TCMD knows when a process has "unhidden" its console, and it will rehide it. However, if a process is starting new consoles, or is changing the console buffer, TCMD has no way of knowing about that.

You might also want to try the TCMD "auto attach consoles" option.

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