Fixed TCC seems to dislike the P and U attributes.

Nov 2, 2009
TCMD/TCC 23.00.26 freshly installed here. CHCP1252 active.

TCC 23.00.26 x64 Windows 10 [Version 10.0.16299.547]
TCC Build 26 Windows 10 Build 16299

I was doing stuff with a(n also) fresh reinstall of Eclipse. I executed a DIR command on TCC (stand-alone), and it hung up on me while trying to display the C:\eclipse directory.


I first thought this would be an issue with Unicode, so I changed the CHCP to 65001. Same problem (albeit differently displayed):


I isolated the problem to, indeed, trying to display that line (for this test, I first executed unalias * and prompt $p$g first):


All this time I had been using TCC stand-alone, so I went to see what happened if running TCC under TCMD:


The File Explorer view, however, CAN display the directory, and shows it as having both P and U attributes on.


It seems that all subdirectories under C:\eclipse have the DPU attributes on, and I don't know why would that be (for now).

I'm going to reboot now, to see what happens.

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