TCC in Elevated mode?

Sep 4, 2017
Hi Team,
With TCC in Elevated mode, should I be able to do the same as cmd in Administrator mode?
If not, how do I get TCC to Administrator level pls?

Regards & TIA,
Hi Rex,
OK. So how come I can issue a Net Start 'servicename' in cmd in admin mode but it gets rejected in tcc? with error code 5 IIRC.
P.S. It might be nice to put 'Elevated Mode' or similar after the title in the window title just as a reminder/confirmation.
What's the difference between admin and elevated?

If I want to do admin stuff I usually start TCC with via a run_on_demand, run_with_the_highest_privileges, task. Occasionally I do it via explorer ... right click on TCC.EXE and choose Run as Administrator. Either way I can always start/stop services.

The first method mentioned above is convenient because it avoids the UAC prompt. Having created the task "TCCAdmin", the command I use is

schtasks /run /tn TCCAdmin

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