Take Command / TCMD/LE / TCC/LE Version 12 Released!

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May 14, 2008
Version 12.0 of Take Command, Take Command/LE, and TCC/LE has been released and is available on our web and ftp sites.

Version 12 includes over 300 new features, including:

* Take Command and TCC load and run faster.

* TCC now supports directory wildcards (i.e., "c:\program files\*\foo.exe")

* You can create custom color palettes for Take Command and TCC.

* The IDE / Batch Debugger has been substantially enhanced, with tooltips, more syntax coloring, indentation guides, and many new editing options.

* There are a number of new compression commands (GZIP, UNGZIP, TAR, UNTAR, ZIPSFX) and variable functions, and ZIP and UNZIP have been enhanced.

* DO can now be used in aliases and on the command line.

* Sixty new internal command options

* Four new internal variables and 26 new or enhanced variable functions

See the complete "What's New" list in the online help or on our web site at:

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