Take Command Slooow Startup

Jan 28, 2012
I'm using the trial version of Take Command/TCC (thinking of upgrading from from 4NT 8.0) and I ran into an issue of Take Command taking 16 seconds to start up after the nag screen. TCC starts instantly.

Poked around awhile and discovered that I had a 350 MB zip file in the root directory of C: that Take Command was opening, taking a look at, closing and then doing it all over again - for over 15 seconds. I assume it was looking into the ZIP to see what was in there. The file had no business being there so I removed it and Take Command then opened in a fraction of a second.

You might want to note somewhere that giant ZIP files in the root directory can make starting Take Command painfully slow! Or perhaps add a configuration option to ignore zip files.


joe mclain

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