START /PGM "name with spaces.URL" fails

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
This works fine ... opening Firefox (or a new tab) and displaying the url.
v:\> start /pgm "C:\Users\vefatica\Favorites\Crossword\AnswerBank.URL"
But this one, or any .URL file with a space in its name, fails.
start /pgm "C:\Users\vefatica\Favorites\JPSoft Forums.url"
It gives a couple of message boxes (invalid target "", and unable to open internet shortcut).

That quoted file name works OK in the Start/Run dialog, with my SHELLEX plugin (dumb wrapper for ShellExecuteEx), and in CMD with this syntax (which also doesn't work in TCC).
start "" "C:\Users\vefatica\Favorites\JPSoft Forums.url"
(Shooting in the dark) If you are using ShellExecute(Ex), the action should be null, not empty string, to invoke default action.

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