Should I delete PLUGININFO::pszFunctions?

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
There's a discussion in the support forum about crash reports. I noted that I get crash reports randomly (and seldom) when TCC unloads my plugins. When I look at the plugins involved (back to the beginning of 2021) I see that the faulting module is ...

4utils64.dll 21 times
sysutils64.dll 0 times
4console64.dll 79 times
4threads64.dll 5 times

There's 1 difference between sysutils64.dll and the others and I wonder if that's significant. Except for sysutils64.dll, the plugins allocate PLUGININFO::pszFunctions in GetPluginInfo() and delete it in ShutdownPlugin(). Basically I do this (below). Should I be deleting PLUGININFO::pszFunctions? Should I do if only if TCC is NOT exiting?

    pluginfo.pszFunctions = new WCHAR[NUMBER_OF_ITEMS * 16]; // conservative
    WCHAR *p = pluginfo.pszFunctions;
    for ( INT i=0; i<NUMBER_OF_ITEMS; i++ ) // comma at end is OK
        p += wsprintf(p, L"%s,", item[i].Name);
    return &pluginfo;
BOOL WINAPI ShutdownPlugin( BOOL b4ntExit )
    if ( pluginfo.pszFunctions != NULL )
        delete [] pluginfo.pszFunctions;
    return FALSE;
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