Settings for TCMD and TCC

Jul 12, 2008
Las Vegas, NV
I brought the settings for both TCMD and TCC from a backup to a current install by copying TCMD.ini -- thanks to this boand, and specifically Rex.

The settings work fine -- for one of my logins, but not for the Admin or MS Insider logins.

The TCMD.ini is located at C:\ProgramData\JP Software\Take Command x64 18.0\TCMD.INI.

What aren't the other accounts picking up the settings?

Chuck Billow
I just did a search of all my drives, and only found 1 TCMD.ini. When I go to the different accounts though, they all were showing while on black EXCEPT for the one account where I registered the software and set the defaults and IT is showing, as set, bright white on blue.

I moved it to C:\Users\All Users\JP Software\Take Command x64 18.0\TCMD.INI, as opposed to my (CWBillow) folder, and now all seems OK.


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