Fixed Sendmail parameter /USER= does not work

May 22, 2013
I used this command line for test and it work fine:

sendmail /V /X "Test message" @d:\mytext.txt >d:\testlog.txt

However, I need to override the sender

sendmail /USER=" /V /X "Test message" @d:\mytext.txt >d:\testlog.txt

The last is right as documented by TCC help. But regardless where I add /USER=, the parameter us used as an (invalid) recipient and the message is rejected by the server.

Someone can tel me what I am doing wrong?
Thanks, but to make it more complicated, the first quote was a typo in my message.
In the mean time i found this (is it a bug or am I just somewhat stupid.

WORKS: sendmail /V /X / "Test message" @d:\dirtest.txt
WORKS: sendmail /V /X "Test message" @d:\dirtest.txt >D:\testlog.txt
ERROR: sendmail /V /X / "Test message" @d:\dirtest.txt >D:\testlog.txt

Thus only using both /USER= AND redirection results in the following message:
TCC: D:\testmailX.btm [2] SMTP protocol error. 550 Administrative prohibition.

Any idea what happens?
The problem isn't with /USER or redirection; the problem is with the /X option -- it isn't skipping the whitespace before looking for the next switch argument. If you put the /X after the /USER it should work.

I have fixed this for the next build of TCC.
Moving the /X has no effect, however removing it has solved the problem. And now I see that even without /X, te command uses EHLO


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