How to? Replace &'s in filenames / FixNames.dll

This looks better:
for %fn in ( "*&*" ) ren /n "%fn" "%@replace[^&,_,%fn]"
No, I don't know why it should be necessary to escape the ampersand.

I could add ampersands to FixNames easily enough, but I've never really seen them as a problem. As far as I know, ampersands are okay as long as the filename is quoted.
11/28/2014  18:11         <DIR>    .
11/28/2014  18:11         <DIR>    ..
11/12/2014  14:22          39,424  FixNames-x64.dll
11/12/2014  14:22          34,816  FixNames.dll
11/12/2014  14:26           9,735  fixnames.html

&'s appear in *.URL files mainly...... for me at least...

FixNames v0.27.1 loaded.

How would I change the FOR %fn .... line above to see it work -

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