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How to? Rename runs tree

Hello --

I noticed that when I issue the rename command on a folder, the
tree command is issued like this:

tree /c "O:\Software-Tools" >! "C:\DOCUME~1\Frank\LOCALS~1\Temp\REN41.tmp"

I this how rename worked on directories?
Not sure why you'd notice (or care) what was being done in the background, but it doesn't have anything to do with the actual renaming of files or directories. That command is updating the JPSTREE.IDX file after a folder is renamed.

Thanks for the info ... I am trying to track down why my environment variables are reverting back to the initial values (the ones saved in the registery) ... I am tracing everything to see what might be changing them ... also what does the ">!" do for the redirection?
It does that here too, and I do not have descriptions enabled. Is that right?
Using the exclamation mark ! after the redirection symbol, e.g., >!, just allows modifying a file which would be protected by the "NoClobber" feature. See Help -> Redirection -> NoClobber.

Vince, I have no idea what you meant.

Rex, is /C an undocumented option of TREE for internal use? Its redirected output seemed to be identical to that of /B.

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