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problem with dirhistory


I am a novice user of Take Command LE (v12.11.72).

The 'dirhistory' command does not seem to be working for me.
From the command line, when I cd or cdd to various directories and then type 'dirhistory', it is blank. Moreover, while Pg-Up triggers a windows for history, Ctrl-PgUp just beeps (as does F6).

In the Options, I have all of the local lists unchecked and I don't have any History or Directory History files specified.

Any clues what the problem could be?


Make sure you don't have "Save Directory on Entry" checked in OPTION /
Command Line / Directory History. (That option is not supported in TCC/LE.)

Rex Conn
JP Software

Thank you. That was it. I understand now that "Save Directory on Entry" is not supported in TCC/LE, but it seems odd that checking that option disables directory history completely. Is this documented somewhere?

Thanks for your help.


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