OT: snippingtool.exe

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
Snippingtool.exe (Windows) ... who knows about it? It makes it really easy to get a pic of part of the screen ... start it, outline the region with the mouse and the snippet is in the clipboard!
It's the cat's pajamas ... a pic of a screen rectangle in the clipboard in about 5 seconds. That beats the heck out of my old way:

[Alt]PrintScreen ... mspaint ... paste ... select ... crop ... select all ... copy ... and sometime later, "net stop stisvc"
Yup, it's actually been around since Win7. I didn't find out about it until maybe a year of using 7, and I'm still telling people about it. Heh Two more features would be great: add text and print.
It's been around since Windows Vista, as I use it in Vista on a daily basis. One of those hidden gems.

Ah, I wasn't aware of that, and apparently neither are the places I've seen mention it. Heh I just Googled "snipping tool vista" and found it wasn't in all editions, and not necessarily enabled by default in the editions that did have it.


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